Wally's Story

Wally as he is now

We see them every day — the stray animals that roam the streets in search of food and shelter. Our hearts break for them and we wish we could do something to help— but what? Elaine Carabello of Garwood knew exactly what to do when she met “Wally,” an elderly, thin and dirty dog who showed up one day on the doorstep of friends living in the Ironbound section of Newark. Unable to locate Wally’s owners through his expired rabies tags, Elaine brought him to Associated Humane in Newark, where she was told he would be held for seven days to see if his owners claimed him. Elaine visited Wally each day during her lunch hour, and soon the two bonded.

Wally was not claimed after the seven days and fearing that he would be euthanized, Elaine made the decision to bring him home. Elaine has three dogs of her own and several foster cats, so she needed to do some rearranging at her home before bringing Wally home. The big day came and with the help of her daughter and the president of a local cat rescue group, Elaine went to the shelter to pick Wally up. When they got him home, Wally was given several baths, brushed and given dinner. After that — wearing his new brightly colored collar — Wally was ready for a nap on his comfy new dog bed!

I just can't believe how lucky I am!

Wally is between 12 – 15 years old. He has bad hips and gum disease. Despite the hard times he faced on the streets, he is a gentle dog with a loving disposition.

Elaine believes that Wally crossed her path to teach her something. She now knows that he is here to show her that nobody is too old to find love and happiness. Wally is extremely special to Elaine and to the best of her ability, and with the help of other animal lovers who are reaching out to her, she will see that the remainder of Wally’s life is as happy as possible .

So, the next time you pass one of those homeless animals on the street, remember Wally and think — maybe there IS something you can do to help!

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