Needless to say my family loves dogs. In the 42 years my husband and I have been married we have had six dogs, usually two at a time. We lost our wonderful Rudie to an autoimmune disease and after awhile I found myself on Petfinder...just looking of course.

I came across a little guy named Max who was up for adoption through HCAL. My husband and I deliberated (losing a dog is such heartbreak) about contacting HCAL. We did and went through the process of becoming Max's adoptive parents. We passed all the requirements and made the trip to Jersey City to meet Max. We brought our dog Charlie with us. Max was getting a bath when we arrived and the gentleman brought Max out and put him in my arms. Love at first sight...Max had me at "Woof."

On May 30, 2006 we signed the home agreement and Max was left in our care. He was a little "peanut" and it turned out he was a pure bred Lhasa Apso (not that that mattered). And so Max became part of our family. Max was a joy to live with. He was playful, sweet and loving. Charlie accepted him and the first picture I have of Max and Charlie reminds me of an elephant and a mouse. Charlie jumped on our outdoor dining chair and Max lay on the deck...I could hear Charlie saying �eeek, a mouse."

Life was good at our home. Max was so cute. He followed Charlie everywhere and Charlie truly enjoyed his company. They would play together and even though Charlie was 50 lbs. and Max 15 lbs., Charlie never hurt Max - never. Max knew when Charlie had enough and would back down. Max did try and steal Charlie's bed many times but when instructed, he quickly moved to his own bed. Max loved to play ball which always made me laugh. His mouth was so little yet he would catch a small soccer ball and rolled it back so we could throw it again. I never could figure out how Max managed to hold on to the would be like me trying to catch a full sized basketball in my mouth - never happen.

Then the terrible day came. Max ruptured a disk in his back and was unable to move his back legs. We rushed him to the animal hospital and he underwent surgery for a ruptured disk. The recovery was long but we nursed our little Mighty Max back to health. He would never climb the stairs to our second floor or come down by himself again. We had to carry him up and down. Small price to pay for what he gave to us. August, 2010 we were to leave on vacation with Max and Charlie. The day before we were to leave, Max ruptured another disk in his back. We went through the whole process again. Max recovered and we were so thankful he had made it through another major surgery. March 14, 2011 Max ruptured yet another disk in his back. He was totally paralyzed. We took him to our vet knowing in our hearts what she would recommend. On March 15, 2011 we put Max to rest. It seemed he was in our lives for a blink of an eye. I still call his name and I know Charlie looks for him. My family was devastated. Max had worked his way into everyone?s heart. I am thankful for the time we had with Max and know that he will never suffer again.

My story continues. I had registered with Rogers Rescue before we adopted Max. We passed their requirements and they would continually send me pictures of dogs to adopt. I rarely opened the pictures as I knew my heart would break for all the four legged friends looking for a home. Two days after Max passed, I checked my emails and had just one from Rogers Rescue. I opened it��there was Sammy�..a lhasa mix, same age as Max, and very cute. I showed my husband the picture of Sammy and he wanted me to contact the rescue group. I couldn't do it. The next day I looked at the picture of sad little Sammy and emailed the group. There were a few other families interested in Sammy. Sammy was brought to our home to meet Charlie and us of course. But we had to wait until Sammy met all the interested families. I received a phone call from his foster mom and she said if we wanted Sammy, he was ours. I hung up the phone laughing and crying at the same time. Sammy is home with us. He will never take Max's place but will create his own place in our lives. I just know that Max had a paw in delivering Sammy to us. Our journey continues in rescuing dogs. There is no greater joy than sharing your life with a pet.

Lois Logosso

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