Little Man Homer

In the Spring of 1997, HCAL received a call from the family of an elderly woman going into a nursing home. They were looking for a home for her dog, which she rescued from a shelter two years earlier. HCAL President Charlene Devaney agreed to foster the dog - named Homer - until HCAL could find him a home. Homer's picture was featured in the newspapers and HCAL brought him to adoption days. People looked at him, but for one reason or another this was not the dog for them. After a few months, HCAL received a call from a man in Fort Lee interested in meeting Homer. It looked like a fit, but a few days later Homer was returned because the man fell while walking Homer, broke his shoulder and a few ribs and he wasn't able to care for him. So it was back to Charlene's, at which point she decided to adopt Homer.

In 2002, Charlene and Homer went to live with Charlene's mother, who could no longer live by herself. Her mother was never "into animals," but she fell in love with Homer! She would go with Charlene and Homer on walks around the park, or just sit out front with him. She said she felt safe with Homer in the house. After a few years, she couldn't remember his name and would call him Herman or Rover, even Romer! But when she was ready to leave this world, she told Charlene to take care of her Little Man Homer. Charlene thanks Homer every day for making her mother happy her last few years.

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