YOU picked us from your original home at the Hudson Animal League shelter and our lives immediately changed forever. Your heart was gigantic to us, but small to you, which ultimately brought you to heaven on 10/7/14. No more pills or surgeries our love. You are now free to roam the world, with every bit of sunshine that you so love to lay in. You were our Natasha, our queeny-bee, our peanut-head....our love. Your brother, Louie, will surely miss you. Remember the chases with Louie; going into the basement; scratching the chair to be on mommy's lap; "whooooo's hungry???? I knew in my heart that giving you a treat on your last day on earth was going to be our last time together, but the sadness and heartbreak that we feel without you by our side is so overwhelming that we so wish to have you here with us again. We are going to so miss your love, your wonderful outgoing personality and your famous head-butts.

Natasha, from daddy and mommy, until we meet again in heaven, you will never, ever be replaced. You were the best thing to happen to us and our tears that continue to rain down are for the deep love we had for you.

Sleep well our love. You shall remain in our hearts forever.

Dan and Andrea Cardella (and your brother "Louie"), Bayonne, NJ

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