Happy Tails and Loving Memories

Remembering Natasha

YOU picked us from your original home at the Hudson Animal League shelter and our lives immediately changed forever. Your heart was gigantic to us, but small to you, which ultimately brought you to heaven on 10/7/14. No more pills or surgeries our love. You are now free to roam the world, with every bit of sunshine that you so love to lay in. You were our Natasha, our queeny-bee, our peanut-head....our love. Your brother, Louie, will surely miss you. Remember the chases with Louie; going into the basement; scratching the chair to be on mommy's lap; "whooooo's hungry????...!...(Full Story...)

The Newest "Ark Kid"!

When she was brought to HCAL, Bella was one sick little girl. Suffering from an untreated thyroid condition, a bladder stone, and a severe skin condition, Bella needed a lot of medical help and even more TLC. After spending several weeks at the vet - and winning the hearts of her doctors and the staff - Bella made her way down the Shore to be fostered by HCAL members Tom and Joan and their other HCAL rescues - known as "The Ark Kids." It only took a few days for Tom and Joan to admit what their pets already knew - they were going to adopt Bella!...(Full Story...)

In the Blink of an Eye - Max's Story

Needless to say my family loves dogs. In the 42 years my husband and I have been married we have had six dogs, usually two at a time. We lost our wonderful Rudie to an autoimmune disease and after awhile I found myself on Petfinder...just looking of course. I came across a little guy named Max who was up for adoption through HCAL. My husband and I deliberated (losing a dog is such heartbreak) about contacting HCAL. We did and went through the process of becoming Max's adoptive parents. We passed all the requirements and made the trip to Jersey City to meet Max. We brought our dog Charlie with us. Max was getting a bath when we arrived and the gentleman brought Max out and put him in my arms. Love at first sight...Max had me at "Woof."...(Full Story...)

In Memory of One of HCAL's Little Angels - Aptly Named "Angel"

Little did we know when we opened our Westfield NJ door on a sunny Friday in November 2000 that the tan and white little fur ball of energy who raced into the house and proceeded to run in circles around the living room, would steal our hearts and make the past 10 years of our lives so memorable. She might as well have been shot out of a cannon. Noticing our growing shocked expressions, I think Phyllis and Carolyn, the two Hudson County Animal League volunteers who made the drop off, feared we would change our minds. (Apparently, the last person who had adopted Angel was a senior citizen who returned her because of her high energy level.) I remember them pleading with Angel to calm down.

She was already named Angel when she arrived, but, as we would learn, there could have been no better name for her....(Full Story...)

Little Man Homer

In the Spring of 1997, HCAL received a call from the family of an elderly woman going into a nursing home. They were looking for a home for her dog, which she rescued from a shelter two years earlier. HCAL President Charlene Devaney agreed to foster the dog - named Homer - until HCAL could find him a home. Homer's picture was featured in the newspapers and HCAL brought him to adoption days. People looked at him, but for one reason or another this was not the dog for them. After a few months, HCAL received a call from a man in Fort Lee interested in meeting Homer. It looked like a fit, but a few days later Homer was returned because the man fell while walking Homer, broke his shoulder and a few ribs and he wasn't able to care for him. So it was back to Charlene's, at which point she decided to adopt Homer...(Full Story...)

Myrtle as a pup injured and on the way to recover

Myrtle's Story

She was a three month old stray living on the streets of Jersey City when her path crossed that of a 17 year old high school senior on his way to school. As he later stated in court, the young man was "angry" that morning and decided to take out that anger on an innocent puppy. He took the puppy and threw her into the air, and the force of her landing shattered her left front leg...(Full Story...)

The Gentle Giant

Here is a picture of Sonny - one of your success stories!! He is the love of our lives!...(Full Story...)

Little Orphan Annie is an Orphan No More!

You may recall the stoy of Little Orphan Annie, a stray kitten who was thrown up against the wall of a house by three teenage boys. Annie's injuries as a result of this abuse included two broken back legs and multiple fractures to her pelvis. Annie's story touched the hearts of a Bayonne couple, who offered to foster Annie while she underwent eight weeks of cage rest and veterinary treatment to heal her broken bones...(Full Story...)

Wally's Story

We see them every day - the stray animals that roam the streets in search of food and shelter. Our hearts break for them and we wish we could do something to help;but what? Elaine Carabello of Garwood knew exactly what to do when she met "Wally," an elderly, thin and dirty dog who showed up one day on the doorstep of friends living in the Ironbound section of Newark...(Full Story...)


As you can see from these pictures, Barney has settled in wonderfully! He's affectionate, cuddly, inquisitive, playful, sometimes rambunctious, and he gets along fine with the other two cats....(Full Story...)

Happy Birthday Mikey!

Hey guys! Just wanted to scream out loud that today (7/9/09) my fat and happy cat Mikey turns 10!....(Full Story...)

Happy Tails Gallery

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  • Wally having fun.  Lucky Dog!
  • Myrtle, a brown and loving dog, enjoying the afternoon away hanging out in her green teepee.
  • Rum Tum Tugger & Myrtle ? Opposites attract!
  • A close up view of Tugger, a dark kitty with mysteriously gorgeous green eyes.
  • Emma Rose is a beautiful Siamese kitty.
  • Noah - A very cute, quirky white and tiny dog taking a moment to pose for the camera.
  • Baby and Nutmeg, two birds chilling with each other one afternoon...